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3BAdvisory provides comprehensive non-fund-based services, including bank guarantees tailored for corporates. Our bank guarantees offer your business the assurance and credibility needed to secure contracts, tender bids, and fulfill various financial commitments without the immediate outflow of cash. With our expertise and support, you can confidently engage in larger projects and transactions, knowing that your obligations are backed by a trusted financial institution.

Our bank guarantee services are designed to meet the diverse needs of corporate clients across industries. We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and provide customized solutions that enhance your business’s financial standing and operational efficiency. By leveraging our bank guarantees, you can mitigate risks, improve liquidity, and build stronger relationships with your partners and suppliers.

Bank guarantee (BG) is used to strengthen and/or secure an obligation under a commercial contract. Customers can apply to the Bank to issue BG in favor of a Beneficiary. After examining and approving the application, the bank executes an agreement with the customer with the required terms and conditions. The bank will then issue the guarantee.


  • Financial Guarantees, Performance Guarantees and Deferred Payment Guarantees are provided to eligible customers( Mainly for Government contractors).
  • Financial Guarantee is in lieu of monetary obligations
  • Performance guarantee is in respect of performance of a contract
  • Deferred payment guarantee is provided when the guarantee is backed by adequate tangible security or by counter guarantees of Central or State Governments, public sector financial institutions or other companies

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